Where Space become Art

 CLIENT: Vivalicious    DELIVERABLES: Concept, Photography & Web Programming     PRODUCTS: Product Photography / Web      GEOGRAPHIC: Asia

Product photography is one of the important parts in designing of marketing collateral or web designing. Especially eCommerce website which you need stunning photos of your merchandise. Product photography will enhance your website and give your company the extra edge to stay ahead of competitors. At Vivalicious, they understood great images reflect its own story and values. Just like the company believes that home is the reflection of one’s personality. Vivalicious – Where Space become Art – set out to help every person project a personal style onto their home space, transforming it into a work of art. With a catalogue that carries an array of objects stylistically marked by interesting characters with unusual forms, it was a challenge for us to do the photo shooting. There are lots of techniques for shooting successful product photography, and thanks to our very own photographer and his innovative techniques, we were able to capture the best images that tells a story!

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