CLIENT: Toshiba [E-Studio]    DELIVERABLES: Concept, Design & Print     PRODUCTS: Notebook      GEOGRAPHIC: Asia Pacific

Toshiba Notebook with 2 characteristics – Eco-style and Express Yourself. A blank notebook is full of promise. It’s an opportunity to reflect, to create, and to express yourself. It’s almost impossible to resist the temptation to grab a pen and begin filling its pages. When designing the Toshiba notebook, we wanted to have a thought that able to express yourself when scribbling on it during any meeting. Therefore we did a survey in their office to find out what is the most common phrase been used. They are “Very important” and “Urgent”.
Seriously, how does the working peers feel? After collecting the data from everyone, this is what they want to say: The never-ending to-do list; against my will; when I feel like it; and to avoid entirely! Of course to their team-mate – Personal, Do not copy! The overall concept is to let them voice out secretly and discreet in the notebook by highlighting when they scribble on it.
When comes to Eco, Toshiba is one of the leading company who believe as a corporate citizen of planet Earth. As solutions for various environmental issues are called for, Toshiba Group has developed Environmental Vision 2050 to help ensure that these environmental issues are solved so that all people can lead affluent lifestyles in harmony with the Earth and thus contribute to society through the creation of new value. Therefore, when comes to Toshiba Notebook, every process and design are done with the environment in mind without harmful chemicals. This notebook is made with 100% recyclable paper – A notebook with a peace of mind.

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