Your Guardian Demon

 CLIENT: Toshiba [E-Studio]    DELIVERABLES: Concept, Design & Print      PRODUCTS: Kickoff meeting event kit      GEOGRAPHIC: Asia Pacific

Taking inspiration from the event location at Bangkok, we based our design around “Yak”, an important cultural icon of Thailand. Known in Buddhist mythology as yaksha, they are guardian warriors who keep away evil spirits. Other elements such as the country’s landscapes and its national symbol – the elephant – were also used to complement the overall kickoff meeting art direction. We want to bring the country culture and blessing closer to the kickoff meeting without making it looks to religious. Therefore, we recreate the armor by adding different vibrant color to make it more lively. The lively “yak” was presented in all the event kit material. All name tags were printed with the individual name and the schedule for the whole 4 days event at the back portion. Other items inclusive of a booklet, a CD, a black color paper photo frame and table standee with the individual name. The standee was designed in 2 different colors, day meeting in red and black for the night award dinner event.

Toshiba kickoff meeting for previous year in Bali

Toshiba MFP

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