CLIENT: Toshiba [E-Studio]    DELIVERABLES: Concept, Design & Print      PRODUCTS: Kick-off meeting event kit      GEOGRAPHIC: Asia Pacific

Toshiba is holding their Kick-off meeting in Bali, an island and province of Indonesia. Bali is famous of the live volcano and one of them is known as Batur, the most active volcano on the popular tourist island and one of Indonesia’s more active ones. Hence, we had used the volcano as icons for Bali. Barong is another sacred iconic symbol for in Balinese society. Barong masks have been an integral part of Balinese ritual life. This carved, wooden mask represents the mythical creature known in Bali as Banaspati Raja, meaning “King of the Forest,” also called the Barong Ket. The Barong mask is a means of both giving the spirit tangible form and harnessing its energy. On this mask, the large, bulging eyes of the creature are enhanced with pigment. Two prominent wooden tusks protrude from either side of the mouth. In order to make the Barong less chilling, we had placed the mask 1/3 to show peeping out and looking at you, created a fun peek-a-boo concept. This gives everyone a welcome ambiance, energy and fun place to start off with the kick-off meeting.

Toshiba kick-off meeting : Bangkok

Toshiba MFP

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