Seeing the World through Shades of Colors

 CLIENT: Toshiba [E-Studio]    DELIVERABLES: Concept & Design     PRODUCTS: Calendar      GEOGRAPHIC: Asia Pacific & Middle East

Toshiba e-studio MFP printer main features are the brilliant color that output from their color printer that compares to other competitors. By using the concept of “Seeing the World through Shades of Colors” for their 2014 yearly calendar design, we emphasize on different colors during the 4 seasons. In every season, we will select a shade of colors to represent and add in the element that evolves months to months. Example for February, we used Purple color to represent the start to mid-season of Spring which is the month of life. Days are warm and rainfall is in abundance, encouraging nature’s growth and the creation of life, where baby birds hatch and animals are born. Combining the energy of red and the coolness of blue, purple is associated with creativity that is akin to the climate and creative power of February. Be it the darker or lighter shades of purple, Toshiba e-Studio printer is able to produce a wide range of purple shades, so precise that it provides a stunning atmospheric picture.

Toshiba’s Calendar design:  2013  /  2015

Toshiba MFP

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