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 CLIENT: SVT    DELIVERABLES: Concept and Web design     PRODUCTS:  Website     GEOGRAPHIC: Asia

SVT Technologies is a dedicated company in building innovative products such as LED lighting and Solar power Systems. When working on the web design, our focus is to make is simple – Simple is beautiful. Impression on the overall looks and feel is critical too. It got to looks good and professional, therefore all images are carefully selected and products were well photography by us. Navigation should be intuitive. Pages should be well-organized with a top-down design so that visitors can easily browse through the different sections on the website. Consistency and Colors are crucial. We use a consistent palette of colors that look clean. People will access the website using a wide variety of devices – from smartphones to desktop computers. Therefore, it is important that the website should be responsive. Above all,  good web design has both great design and great content. Therefore, we urge the clients to make sure all their pages have unique, original content that makes them worth visiting.

Click the link to visit SVT website & LUMI online store.

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