Essilor 4 Squares Videography

 CLIENT: Essilor Singapore    DELIVERABLES: Concept, Storyboard, Script, Filming, Recording & Editing      PRODUCTS:  Videography      GEOGRAPHIC: Worldwide

Essilor Singapore appointed Ideas People to develop and post-edit a videography to acknowledge consumers that Essilor has the solutions for our eyes, which is exposed daily to various harmful factors. We re-created a number of new footages to cater for different regions market. The video also showcases some of the latest technologies and features, such as the new TRANSITIONS photochromic lenses. Essilor 4 Squares video is the solution for our eyes, no matter in what kind of condition we live in or activities we engage in. This video shows the contrast of how our eyes are affected by those harmful factors and how these solutions can help reduce the impact.

Essilor Singapore

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