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 CLIENT: Essilor Singapore    DELIVERABLES: Concept & Design     PRODUCTS: 3D  / Brochure / File Folder/ Card      GEOGRAPHIC: Singapore

A Sporty prescription lenses for wrap-round eyewear was introduce for the very first time! Inspired by others world-leading brands on sport glasses, BBGR introduce their first prescription lenses to fit the wrap-round frame for people who love the cool looks and outdoors sports. Only 3 main color was use which is Black, Grey and BBGR corporate Red. The overall style is to create a premium and sporty looks for the marketing collateral. The frame was using a 3D rendering software to create a high-tech and realistic look. Incorporate wireframe into the 3D glasses, this give it a sleek and technical feel. The black finishing authenticity card also portrait a premium brands on it own. Not to forget the long-standing identity of BBGR, a final red was added into the file folder together with the 3D glasses in wireframe.


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