BOC Great Singapore Sale Ad

 CLIENT: Bank of China Singapore      DELIVERABLES: Concept & Design     PRODUCTS: Advertising      GEOGRAPHIC: Singapore

The Great Singapore Sale (GSS) which starts usually on June to August to cater to local and tourists from Asia-Pacific countries whose summer holidays fall in the June to August period. Every year, major credit card company and banks will tie down together with merchants and shopping center to take this opportunity to participate in this event. Is also an event every shopper looking forward to.
Our overall direction in designing the press ad was based on the insight that the GSS is commonly associated with a rather hectic environment, where shoppers go crazy over great deals. Hence, we wanted to create a campaign that helped ease all that “stress”, something that communicates a sense of relaxation for the shoppers so that they may shop in peace. Eventually, we were able to put together images, graphics, and layout that all conveyed that message.

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